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MSH INTERNATIONAL offers medical insurance plans that provide individuals with comprehensive expatriate benefits coverage. With MSH First Expat+ you can tailor your health insurance plan with four different levels of coverage and several options to enhance your plan. We also provide Life and Disability insurance on a standalone basis.

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First'Expat Plus International Health Insurance

Expatriate Health



MSH First'Expat+
Health Insurance

provides full international healthcare coverage for expatriates on long-term assignments, wherever they live in the world.

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Life and Disability Insurance for Expats

International Life


MSH First'Expat+
Life & Disability Insurance

provides international health insurance for expatriates on long term assignments, wherever in the world.

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Discover our expatriate health insurance for you and your family: international healthcare coverage, medical assistance / repatriation, death and disability benefits, third-party liability and international life insurance.
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