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Account management

We aim to meet and exceed your expectations for service. Our well-developed account management functions will ensure smooth day-to-day operation of your plan. Access to information and communication are critical components. These will be facilitated through a variety of resources, including:

  • Wallet identification card containing emergency contact information
  • Employee handbook
  • Direct access to medical advice through our evacuation provider’s network

Account information online

MSH INTERNATIONAL uses a unique web application to provide our global clients with easy access to a variety of benefit information... any time of day...anywhere in the world.
A simple but secure login on the front of our web site provides access to personal information including:
  • A printable copy of your wallet card
  • Online claims forms
  • Information about current claim status
  • Ability to update personal details

General plan information is also readily available, including:
  • Plan summary
  • An online version of your benefit plan
  • Emergency contact information
Administrators also have online access to their administration manual, including all of the forms and other materials needed for administering the plan.

Billing and eligibility administration

MSH INTERNATIONAL handles all billing and eligibility functions and provides comprehensive reporting to meet your needs. This saves time and reduces complexity for your firm. You deal only with us, and we deal with the number of insurers that are required to facilitate your comprehensive plan design. Monthly invoicing and quick turnaround on billing enquiries will likewise contribute to an efficient administrative environment.

Consulting and underwriting

We provide in-house consulting and underwriting expertise, negotiating with insurers on your behalf to ensure competitive renewal rating, pricing for plan design changes, or costing that may be needed in response to emerging global business requirements.

Privacy policy

Protection of personal information has always been a priority at MSH INTERNATIONAL. Our policy sets high standards for collecting, using, disclosing and storing personal information. We also have comprehensive procedures in place for managing personal information, including enhanced security for online information. MSH INTERNATIONAL's Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring that our standards for protection of privacy remain high, that we are responsive to privacy requests and enquiries from our clients, and that we are in compliance with the Legislation at all times.
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