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MSH INTERNATIONAL Canada provides a complete service from program design to policy administration, for organizations of all sizes and all industries with expatriate employees, rotational employees and local national employees. See below our customizable Corporate Solutions and ask for a quote or more information.

First'Expat Plus International Health Insurance

Business International

Insurance plan


MSH ExpaGuard

provides full international healthcare coverage for your employees on long-term assignments, wherever they are in the world.

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business travel insurance

Business Travel


MSH Voyage

provides the appropriate international health insurance for short-term expatriation.


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First'Expat Plus International Health Insurance

Corporate Life and

Disability Benefits


MSH Life & Disability Benefits

provides financial security to your employees on international assignments and to their families.

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Medical Self Insurance

Medical Self-Insurance


MSH Self Insurance

provides you with administrative support and claims assistance.


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business intelligence tools

Business Intelligence



MSH Aviator

Our business intelligence tool provides dashbords and analysis of your international health insurance program to give you a better control over your expenses.

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