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Health Insurance in Egypt
Discover how the system works in Egypt
The medical system in Egypt is provided by the private and public sectors. Medical care does not meet quality standards. Hospitals do not have the necessary equipment, are understaffed and drugs are often missing. Except for some private hospitals, health standards are not always maintained.

Private hospitals provide quality medical care but they are very expensive. Most of Egyptian doctors have received their training in Western countries and therefore speak English.

In major cities like Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh, medical centers provide appropriate quality services for basic care; however in case of emergency or serious illness, medical evacuation is necessary. In the rest of the country, access to healthcare is rather limited.
Visiting a doctor in Egypt
Most of consultations are provided in clinics or private hospitals. It will be possible to make an appointment with a specialist doctor or GP.
Being admitted to hospital in Egypt
In Egypt, hospitals from the public sector are often overcrowded and there are not enough equipment and qualified staff. Outside the big cities, public healthcare centers provide low quality medical care.

Private hospitals are only present in large cities (Cairo, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh) and provide medical services of better quality: they are modern and you can consult specialist doctors who have received their training in the USA or in Europe. Medical services are expensive, which is why it is strongly recommended to take out international health insurance coverage in Egypt.
Buying medication in Egypt
Pharmacies can be found everywhere in Egypt. They usually open between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. although some of them open all day long in Cairo. It is possible to get drugs without prescription. Be careful as counterfeit drugs are common.
Get your health insurance for Egypt
MSH can help you design the best international health insurance plan to suit your needs.

Going for less than a year?
We have the right health insurance plan to cover you for 1 to 12 months, whether it's for a personal project, an apprenticeship, a working holiday or any other reason.

Going for a year or more?
Explore our comprehensive and highly flexible health insurance solutions to protect you and your family while you're abroad.
Arab Republic of Egypt
Alexandria, Giza, Shubra El Kheima
Unitary semi-presidential republic
Egyptian Arabic, Sa'idi Arabic
Egypt on Wikipedia
Client story: MSH was a lifesaver

Matthieu was hiking in a canyon in Peru when he accidently fell down several meters and fractured his kneecap and elbow: "After 12 days in a local hospital, I was sent back to  France where I spent 2 more weeks in hospital and months in physiotherapy" he remembers. Matthieu's hospitalization, repatriation and rehabilitation expenses were all covered by MSH: "Without my private health insurance, it would have been a nightmare: €16,000 for the hospital and €50,000 for my repatriation with two air ambulances - can you imagine?"
Client story: No worries mate!

Tanguy subscribed to Start’Expat to cover his gap year in Australia. He was out roller-skating one day when he slipped and blacked out for a few minutes. A passerby directed him to the nearest hospital for a scan. Fortunately, there was nothing serious and he was delighted to learn that all the expenses from €400 would be paid by MSH in advance, saving him a total of €513 -that's a lot of money for a student!   
Client story: The right decision

Bill and his family are based in Brazil. Unhappy with his previous insurer, Bill switched to MSH in December 2015: "One of the best decisions I've made since I've been here", he says, "for the level of service and the breadth and quality of the network."  Bill's insurance card is now recognized by the biggest and best hospitals in Sao Paulo. He even gets third-party payment for simple hospital tests without needing prior agreement: "MSH makes life easy", says Bill. 
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