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With more than 2,500 employees across 20 offices around the world and backed up by unified customer management tools, we are here to support our clients wherever they are and whenever they need it
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MSH International is one of the largest and most comprehensive suppliers of expatriate insurance services in the world, and the sister company of MSH Americas.
MSH Americas is a subsidiary of the SIACI SAINT HONORÉ Group, the 4th leader provider of brokerage and consulting services in the French insurance market, protecting people and their assets for more than 80 years. SIACI SAINT HONORÉ covers the lives of 2.5 million individuals via 3,500 corporate clients.
Ingle International
Ingle International has joigned the MSH International group in 2017. Ingle International is a key player in the travel insurance market in Canada, providing solutions for anyone studying, working, or living anywhere in the world. This partnership brings greater choice and specialty options to consumers. Innovation is supported by an in-house technology group, high-service member contact centers, creative enhancement services, and results-driven client strategists.
Also part of the MSH International group since 2017, StudyInsured develops travel insurance products and provides services specifically catering to the international student industry. studyinsured has products for both international students coming to Canada to study or Canadian students choosing to study abroad, and works primarily as a group insurance provider with educational institutions such as private schools, public school boards, colleges & universities, and language schools.
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