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Practical tools and services to make plan administration easy

Duty of Care made simple

Duty of Care made simple

Making sure members are always safe, secure and well-informed with MSH Navigator, the most reliable app for Plan Administrators and Employees, wherever they are in the world:
◾ Geo-tracks users
◾ Sends push-notifications, SMS and email
◾ Provides travel, health and security services in a playful member's mobile app
Simplicity, efficiency

Simplicity, efficiency

Giving access to the administration of our insurance plans through simple platforms designed for Plan Administrators and members to:
◾ Manage enrolments
◾ Download plan documents and direct billing card
◾ Submit and track claims
◾Locate a health care provider
Attentive customer care

Attentive customer care

We streamline communications with our members across all channels via our global CRM ensuring that calls and mail are efficiently routed based on the nature of the member’s query for proactive, consistent help from our customer care representatives. Wherever and whenever a members calls MSH, our customer care representative accesses a history of activities, ensuring the utmost quality of care.
Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

MSH provides its clients with deep insight on the utilization of their program into comprehensive dashboards reporting on:
◾ Claims activity
◾ Network usage
◾ Premiums
◾ Global performance of your plan

Control and anticipate costs.
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