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Global Network Development Team

Global Network Development Team

In each of our operations centers, a network team is responsible for setting up agreements with providers, negotiating preferred tariffs, training providers on the direct billing process and visiting and managing the ongoing relationship with providers to ensure a streamlined process for our members when accessing health care.
Direct Billing Contracts

Direct Billing Contracts

Our goal is to increase the number of direct billing agreements with negotiated rates each year. We prioritize countries where the cost of care is high and where medical facility/service provider tariffs are negotiable.
Developing a worldwide network of hospitals and medical providers for more than 40 years

Developing a worldwide network of hospitals and medical providers for more than 40 years

We specifically select providers that meet the health care standards required for our international members. And we continue to develop our network with our clients in mind by staying in constant communication about their specific needs.


+ 1 million in-network providers and PPOs

direct billing & letter of guarantee to avoid out-of-pocket costs

40% average savings on healthcare costs

in-house network specialists to develop the network and set up agreements

The MSH Provider Network is a developed and exclusive network of hospitals, clinics, specialty providers and more, available to our members in more than 170 countries around the world.

The MSH Provider Network comprises:

Health care professionals with negotiated rates who have signed a formal third-party agreement with MSH

Health care professionals offering third-party payment on receipt of a letter of guarantee

Members of a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with third-party agreements and/or preferential rate agreements


A large network of more than a million providers and PPOs

Visibility on our MSH websites that our members can access anytime anywhere

Guaranteed payment of your invoices within 30 days

24/7 assistance to set up direct billing and rate agreements

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