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As brokers ourselves, we understand that flexibility, transparency and cost-efficiency in plan design are essential to the satisfaction of your clients.

Whether your clients are cross-border or truly international and whether you are looking for a plan design or a complete outsourcing service, we work together to ensure that the growth and well-being of your clients are supported by the solutions they need.
Bespoke solutions
Bespoke insurance solutions for all your clients’ needs
Competitive compensation
Offer competitive compensation, monthly incentives and increased sales opportunities with a customized website
Assistance from a licensed advisor to ensure your clients receive the best-suited coverage
Dedicated agent portal
Support, resources, training, and more through your agent portal!
Customized plans and services
Customized plans and services to provide the right solutions to give your clients’ peace of mind
24/7 assistance
24-hour assistance by phone; MSH Navigator access
Worldwide coverage
Worldwide coverage, including high risk destinations
Extended coverage
Coverage for pre-existing and high risk activities; extension of health benefits
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