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Quick to sign up and easy to manage, our ready-to-go package covers all your needs at an affordable price so that you can make the most of your adventure

Inclusive Package

Inclusive Package

Our insurance package covers everything from healthcare to civil liability and includes medical assistance/repatriation too.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We’re here to help you at any time of day or night, in your language.

Stress-Free Claims

Stress-Free Claims

You can visit a doctor or hospital anywhere and file your claim afterwards. Simple.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care

Emergencies are 100% reimbursed. No advance payment. No hidden costs. No worries.



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Client story: MSH was a lifesaver

Matthieu was hiking in a canyon in Peru when he accidently fell down several meters and fractured his kneecap and elbow: "After 12 days in a local hospital, I was sent back to  France where I spent 2 more weeks in hospital and months in physiotherapy" he remembers. Matthieu's hospitalization, repatriation and rehabilitation expenses were all covered by MSH: "Without my private health insurance, it would have been a nightmare: €16,000 for the hospital and €50,000 for my repatriation with two air ambulances - can you imagine?"
Client story: my second opinion

Petra was very worried about the surgery she'd been prescribed following an accident at home. Before making her decision, she wanted a second opinion. Thanks to her private health insurance, which included the Second Medical Opinion guarantee, she quickly saw another doctor and got all the answers to her questions. The second doctor agreed that surgery was necessary and Petra went to hospital feeling reassured and confident.
Client story: No worries mate!

Tanguy subscribed to Start’Expat to cover his gap year in Australia. He was out roller-skating one day when he slipped and blacked out for a few minutes. A passerby directed him to the nearest hospital for a scan. Fortunately, there was nothing serious and he was delighted to learn that all the expenses from €400 would be paid by MSH in advance, saving him a total of €513 -that's a lot of money for a student!   


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We listen carefully to your concerns and anticipate your all your needs

We're always on hand for you and your family across cultures and borders

We constantly develop new products and services that deliver real added value


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Why do I need special cover for living abroad?

If you're an expatriate (student, employee, freelance worker, globe-trotter or retired citizen) rather than someone on a temporary assignment abroad, you'll no longer be covered by your home country's health system and will probably have to contribute to the local health system. However it may not reimburse your healthcare expenses at the same rate or provide you with the same level of coverage when you visit your home country.
The cost of healthcare varies greatly from one country to another and can be much higher than what your used to paying at home.
If you subscribe to the local insurance plan in your country of expatriation alone, your reimbursements are likely to be limited or even non-existent and you will not be covered when travelling or for visits back home.

Does MSH provide insurance for lost luggage?

Luggage insurance is automatically included in our Start’Expat plan and is effective for the length of the policy (not just while you're travelling to and from your country of expatriation).
While our other plans do not automatically cover loss or theft of luggage, it can be added as an option.

How do I join MSH?

You can join MSH online at or by email to Fill-in, date and sign your subscription form and medical questionnaire for you and your dependents and return them to us with the following documents:
- the enrollment form completed and signed,
- the medical questionnaire completed and signed, along with the additional medical details if you answered yes to any questions in the medical questionnaire,
- a copy of your identity card or passport,
- a bank account slip for your healthcare reimbursements from MSH,
- a certificate from your previous healthcare insurance and a summary of benefits in order to possibly waive waiting periods (not applicable for Start'Expat),
- a school/university attendance certificate for your children aged 20 to 25 (not applicable for Start'Expat).
And for payment of your premium:
- The direct debit authorization (for French accounts only) completed and signed,
- the credit card authorization completed and signed,
- a check payable to ASFE.

Why isn't my credit card insurance enough?

The medical assistance coverage included with standard credit cards is only valid during your first three months abroad. Ongoing treatment or treatment following an accident will not be covered beyond this initial period and may not be covered by insurance purchased after the event. Also, credit card insurance may have deductibles or consist of cash advances only.


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