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General Tips

Travel Insurance vs International Health Insurance

Travel insurance is often mistaken for international health insurance, but they differ in very important ways. Make sure you choose the right coverage for your time abroad. 
What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is only effective for short trips abroad over a pre-determined period of time: three consecutive months maximum.
What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance is designed to cover unexpected events before your departure and once you're abroad. It's usually triggered by the cancellation of a trip prior to departure due to emergency medical care (hospitalizations, etc.), repatriation, luggage theft or if third-party liability is incurred.
What is international health insurance?

International healthcare insurance, also known as expatriate insurance, is designed to cover long-term trips abroad: from three consecutive months minimum onwards.
What does international health insurance cover?

International health insurance reimburses your healthcare expenses abroad at the same level you're accustomed to in your home country. Unlike travel insurance, which only provides limited coverage, international health insurance covers medical visits, hospitalizations and medication and can include medical assistance/repatriation, death & disability and/or third-party liability too.

MSH has been designing and creating international healthcare insurance solutions for globally mobile citizens for over 40 years, whether they're expatriates living abroad alone or with their families, students, interns and young people with Working Holiday Visas,  self-employed professionals, company employees or seniors.

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